Sometimes two things are just a natural fit. Peanut butter and jelly. Laurel and Hardy. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Now there’s another one we can add to that long list of perfect combinations.

Photo Credit: Twitter, cbranch89

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. Cheetos popcorn is now a thing, and you can get this delicacy at Regal Cinemas next time you go catch a flick.

Photo Credit: US Air Force

As if going to the movies wasn’t already a fun adventure, now we can enjoy this masterpiece mash-up. Not only is the popcorn sprinkled with Cheeto dust, but there are also actual Cheetos mixed in for your dining pleasure.

Frito-Lay describes the product this way: “Light, airy Regal popcorn that has been puffed to perfection and paired with warm, cheesy Cheetos flavor and Crunchy Cheetos.” Doesn’t that just sound perfect? Your hands are undoubtedly going to be absolutely disgusting after enjoying this snack, so bring plenty of napkins or wet wipes or beach towels. Enjoy!

h/t: Mashable