In the early 1980s, a small devil-worshipping cult consisting of four young men terrorized the Chicago area, abducting, mutilating, and murdering young women. They were known as the Ripper Crew.

The crew’s leader was a man named Robin Gecht, who had previously been employed for PDM Contractors. Gecht’s boss at PDM? Notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

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Whether there is any connection between Gacy’s crimes and the eventual murders of Gecht and the Ripper Crew is up for debate, but the connection is an interesting one, to say the least. Robin Gecht was born in 1953, and was the oldest member of the group that eventually became the Ripper Crew. The crew was rounded out by Edward Spreitzer and the Kokoraleis brothers, Andrew and Thomas.

The foursome practiced Satanic rituals at the motel where they lived in adjoining rooms, and eventually their fascination with the dark side led them to murder. The Ripper Crew got a van and cruised the Chicago area, looking for women.

Their first victim was abducted on May 23, 1981. Linda Sutton, 28, disappeared while taking a walk. Ten days later, her body was discovered in a field in the suburb of Villa Park, her left breast amputated. Sutton’s body was in such an advanced state of decomposition that police at first thought she had been dead for quite a while. Later, when the coroner examined body, it was discovered she had only died three days before – she had been stabbed so many times that she was decomposing much quicker than usual.

The Ripper Crew waited a full year to strike again. In May 1982, Lorraine Borowski was snatched while she opened the real estate office she worked at. Two weeks later, Shui Mak disappeared from the suburb of Hanover Park. The bodies of both women weren’t found until the fall.

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In the meantime, police discovered the bodies of more women throughout the Chicago area. The victims had been brutalized and all of them had one thing in common: their left breasts had been amputated or slashed viciously. Investigators were dumbfounded and had no leads…until October 6, 1982. That day, a woman named Beverly Washington was found beside a set of railroad tracks. Washington had been brutally attacked and her left breast was severed – but she was alive and able to give police a description of the men who attacked her and the van they drove.