I personally did not try the queso at Chipotle, but I’ve only heard bad stuff about it, so I guess it’s not a huge surprise that the burrito chain decided to re-do their cheese dip.

Chipotle released the queso last September, and it was met with…less than exemplary reviews from the general public.

Photo Credit: Twitter, Jsvenny

Photo Credit: Twitter, LaurenTHCW

Photo Credit: Twitter, PrincessGf13

So the company pulled the cheese dip from their menu and decided to give it an overhaul. Like all Chipotle menu items, the queso will be all-natural with organic ingredients. Word on the street is that Queso 2.0 will have less of a smoky flavor and will get a little more heat to it.

For those of you inclined to give Chipotle a second chance, here’s your opportunity: if you show up to Chipotle on Tuesday, December 12 wearing your “cheesiest Christmas sweater,” you’ll get some free queso. So they REALLY want people to try this new version.

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Rumor on the street is that Chipotle’s next new item will be – wait for it – NACHOS. Let’s hope this new queso makes the cut because I’m already imagining nacho combinations.

h/t: Pizza Bottle