I’ve never been to a gender reveal party, but if I ever go to one, hopefully it’ll be as cool as this. This, in my humble opinion, is wonderful. Judy and Gavin Holt are wedding photographers who decided to put their skills to use in revealing the gender of their new baby. But, being creatives, they weren’t interesting in a typical gender reveal party:

Photo Credit: Flickr, Janet

Gender reveal parties seem to be all the rage these days, but the Holts took a different angle from most of their fellow young parents. They decided to make a horror trailer to reveal the gender of their new kiddo. Take a look at this masterpiece:

It’s got a ouija board in it! How could you not get excited?!?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Holts are old hands at creatively announcing a baby is on the way. When they were expecting their first child back in 2015, Judy and Gavin made a creepy trailer to announce that they were having a little one.

If you have a kid on the way and are so inclined, please try to top the Holts.

I’d love it if this became a thing.

h/t: The Daily Dot