How smart is your dog?

Do you think he has a good memory?

Do you feel like she understands what you’re saying?

Well, good news – you’re not crazy.

Your dog can most likely understand at least a few words.

But no matter how smart your dog is, it’s unlikely that he could hold a candle to Chaser:

Photo Credit: did you know?

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That puts Chaser pretty close to a human 3-year-old, if you’re looking for a comparison.

Before Chaser came along and memorized the names of over 1,000 objects, the reigning champ was a border collie named Rico.

Rico’s best effort was 200.

Chaser was also able to prove that she knew the difference between a name and a command. She understood that names could refer to either objects or categories of objects, and used that knowledge to teach herself how to understand new words.

If this all seems pretty amazing, keep in mind – it did require three years of intensive training. So don’t feel bad about the fact that your dog still brings you a stick when you ask for a beer…

Check out the video below to see Chaser in action:

While Chaser’s abilities are beyond impressive, she’ll have a hard time beating the animal with the best recorded memory: a parakeet named Puck who could not only remember but also speak 1,728 words.

Of course, I have some video of that for you, too:

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