Not every friendship was meant to last. Sometimes, there is a natural drifting apart. Other times, there is a precise moment in which you know your friendship is over. These AskReddit users share with us the times they knew their friendships would never be the same.

Photo Credit: Odyssey

Photo Credit: Odyssey

1. Too Painful

“Our children were born on the same day, in the same hospital, so we became friendly, and then friends. I had a boy, she had a girl. We spent a lot of our maternity leave together, we did the mommy and me classee together, chose the same daycare. We lived so close, our kids were in the same kindergarten and first grade classes.

First day of kindergarten, we took the kids together to get frozen yogurt, and then did the same for first grade. Joked about a new tradition. We, of course, joked our kids would get married.

Her daughter got very ill and died before second grade. For a while, I tried to be supportive, but then it became obvious my son was a reminder of her loss. When she stopped responding to texts and invites, I got the message, but when she had another baby (I was not invited to the shower), i sent a gift, she sent a kind thank-you card. That was it.

We still see each other around. We smile and wave, but we do not speak.”

2. 3 Strikes, You’re Out

“One of my good girl friends ditched me 3 times in one week. And by ditched me I mean she called me, we made plans, I would be at the bar waiting for her and all three times she never showed because she found a guy to hook up with instead. I stopped being friends with her after that.”

3. So Not Cool, Bro

“I was on the phone with my girlfriend when she told me my roommate (from the next room over from me) was calling her. Weird. Then she called me back. He had told her horrible things about me, none of them true.

After our lease was up, I stopped hanging out with him, returning his calls, etc.”

4. Cut Her Out

“When she posted a message online accusing me of “wallowing in loneliness” because I hadn’t been online for a week after my father died.”

5. What a Bad Friend

“When she keeps on proving a point by flirting with every guy that I like.”