Marketing is crucial to any business, big or small. Which is why it is so important for marketing and social media teams to always be on point – especially around the holidays, when people are spendin’ money like it’s going out of business. So it is a mystery how someone at McDonald’s could drop the ball marketing on one of the biggest shopping days of them all: Black Friday.

Would you just look at that? Someone on the official McDonald’s Twitter account seemingly was asking a fellow employee for some info but tweeted out a question instead. We’ve all done stuff like this – when you write what you’re thinking instead of what you meant to put down. But this is a pretty big snafu for a HUGE corporation.

Photo Credit: Twitter, Mike Mozart

But McDonald’s had a good sense of humor about it and poked a little fun at themselves.

And you know the people of the Internet were not going to let this blooper go unnoticed or unpunished.

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Keep your eye on the ball people, and try not to get distracted istillneedtobuymytvdinnerfortonight

h/t: Mashable