Sometimes it can feel like we’re never going to find a person to spend the rest of our lives with (if you’re into that sort of thing to begin with, of course). Other times, we feel totally rad being single, happy with all aspects of our lives – but our parents seem to think we’re not even trying to give them grandkids.

I had one friend whose aunt just started assuming she was gay once she passed thirty with no husband in sight, and she’s not the only one.

What I’m saying is, I get it. I was happily single for years, married at the age of 37 and had a baby later that same year. So, yeah, I heard a lot of crap and handled a lot of “I’m never going to be a grandma” guilt over the years. But how behind was I, really?

It turns out, not as much as you might think. Thanks to this new chart from Overflow Data, you can check out what percentage of people your age have tied the knot.

Photo Credit: Overflow Data

They used data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey from 2015, tracking what percentage of respondents between 15 and 90 are already married. The study also looked at different demographic and regional criteria (where people lived, as well as their genders and education level), but it turned out that the variables only had a small effect on the average age that people are choosing to get married.

Which is 30 years old.

30-year-olds are the dividing line between single and hitched, with fifty-two percent of that age group counting themselves as married. More than half of respondents who hadn’t hit that milestones were still single.

What it means is that the trend of people enjoying their twenties before settling down and having children is continuing. And I, for one, am all for it.

To view an interaction version of the chart, click here.

h/t: Thrillist

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