You know those people on your Christmas list that you just dread shopping for? Maybe your uncle refuses to tell you what he needs or your weirdo neighbor insists on exchanging gifts every year. Whoever it is, they never like it and they always ask for the gift receipt.

So, why not wrap your gift and a passive aggressive statement all into one present? It’s basically holiday tradition anyways.

Enter Whiskey River Soap, Co., the company making a name for themselves with soaps (and bath bombs) for every person and every occasion. Hop on over to their website for more information on how to buy!


#12. Ouch.

#11. A slippery soap. Gold.

#10. And Werewolves?

#9. Ew.

#8. I feel this one.

#7. There are very few things in life that shouldn’t smell like more wine.

#6. Which begs the question, what does YOUR whole life smell like?

#5. We may be annoying, but we’re also right.

#4. “Those pesky honor roll students.” Ha!

#3. Yum.

#2. *weeps*

#1. Bwahahahaha.

h/t: Bored Panda

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