Bill Murray was a pre-med student until he got busted for pot on his 20th birthday. While waiting to board a plane in Chicago on September 21, 1970, he jokingly told another passenger he had bombs in his bag. A ticket agent overheard him, US Marshals searched his luggage and found $20k worth (10 lbs) of weed, he was put on 5 years probation, and, in a flash, his college career was over… so he became an actor instead. Source Source 2 Source 3

Happy Birthday, Bill Murray! 

Thank you ~ FREAKING THANK YOU ~ for being a college stoner who ruined his pre-med career so we could all have you in our lives forever. I’ve been sitting here thinking about how the majority of my jokes, sense of humor, comedy style, and casual verbiage probably either comes directly from or is derived from Bill Murray in some way; every BM movie or interview I’ve ever seen is burned into my brain. He’s a goddamn legend, so BOW DOWN.