Axe body spray once shut down a school because the 6th grade boys produced such an excessive stench that 8 kids had to be hospitalized. 

This isn’t the first medical incident that’s occurred due to students wearing Axe. A Pennsylvania high school had to completely ban the body spray after a student was hospitalized from exposure to a ‘hazardous substance.’ A year before that, Connecticut high school officials said that a fire alarm went off after a student sprayed an “overabundance” of Axe in a locker room.


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There’s actually a term called ‘Wall of Axe,’ which refers to at least “8 boys, dousing themselves in Axe body spray (usually after gym) and standing together in a stairwell to create a Wall of Axe.”


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You can find it in Urban Dictionary. And also probably in many emails exchanged between middle school teachers.