In 2012, we sent a response signal that contained 10,000 Twitter messages, texts, and drawings, along with an attached sequence that would tell a recipient the message was sent intentionally.


Today (Aug 15th, 2017) marks the 40th anniversary of the Wow! Signal. 

Though scientists are closer to solving the mystery of the signal, they still do not have a clear answer as to what caused it. A leading theory suggests it may have been a comet:

“As comets pass by the sun, ultraviolet light breaks up their ice, creating a large cloud of hydrogen gas around them. The frequency of the Wow! signal matches a frequency naturally emitted by hydrogen. This means that comets passing in front of a telescope like the Big Ear would generate a brief signal that might match the Wow! signal.

When the Wow! signal was first picked up, no one knew these comets existed, so no one had considered this idea…“

…which, at the time, meant it was obviously aliens.