Eva Perón’s corpse was embalmed with glycerin to make it incorruptible. Her body later disappeared for 16 years before it was finally located, exhumed, and flown to Spain- where her husband, Juan Perón, and his 3rd wife, Isabel, cleaned it by hand and kept it openly displayed on their dining room table. Isabel then began combing Eva’s hair regularly as a daily devotion…

But it gets even weirder…

Her embalmer, Pedro Ara, was so meticulous that he preserved the body with all its internal organs, which are normally removed. 

He also (allegedly) made several wax and vinyl replicas of Eva’s body, which were indistinguishable from the original, that the military later used to deceive those who sought the real corpse.

Evita’s body itself is profoundly symbolic of Argentina’s history.

 The story of her remains does not end or begin here, because she was repeatedly moved around and displayed and ultimately placed in what is basically a nuclear bunker. She also got pretty banged up along the way…

The events that follow and precede this tiny snippet are fascinating; I encourage all history lovers to read more about it: Source Source 2