In 2010, college physics student Austin Sendek started a petition that requested the International System of Units make 10^27 (1 octillion) a ‘hella’ meter. According to Sendek, the diameter of the universe is 1.4 hellameters. Therefore, if the petition hadn’t been rejected, the Universe would officially be ‘hella big.’ Source Source 2 Source 3

Though his proposal was rejected, ‘hella’ has been adopted by certain websites, including Google Calculator.

The International System of Units list of current prefixes, established for powers of ten from 10^-24 to 10^24:10^24 yotta10^21 zetta10^18 exa10^15 peta10^12 tera10^9 giga10^6 mega10^3 kilo10^2 hecto10^1 deka10^-1 deci10^-2 centi10^-3 milli10^-6 micro10^-9 nano10^-12 pico10^-15 femto10^-18 atto10^-21 zepto10^-24 yocto