Fact Snacks!


The first known use of ‘fuck’ appears in a set of medieval case files for a man called Roger Fuckbythenavele. He was in court 3 times before being outlawed in 1311, and the repeated formal use of his last name suggests it wasn’t meant to be a joke- however, it may have been a nick- name he earned for being known as a virgin or a moron, as it implies he was either too naive or too dumb to know you can’t have sex through the belly button.
Playing Tetris after a traumatic event can help eliminate bad memories. A study of car wreck survivors found that those who played Tetris in the ER had 62% fewer bad memories than those who just wrote down what happened. Their memories also faded more quickly, so it’s believed that Tetris both distracts you from taking pity on yourself, and interferes with the way long-term memories are stored.