Fact Snacks!


There’s a team of women in India who bring justice to the oppressed women of their country. ‘The Gulabi Gang’ wear pink saris, carry bamboo sticks as weapons, and are trained in counter- aggression techniques, like smearing abusive men with chili powder. If police fail to help an abused woman, the gang steps in and asks the husband to change his ways- but if he won’t, they ask his wife to join them in beating him.
UPS trucks don’t turn left. Their policy to never turn across oncoming traffic, even when it shortens their routes, reduces traffic collisions and delays, so they plan routes that avoid left turns whenever possible. This reportedly cuts their number of trucks by 1,100, saves 10 million gallons of fuel and emits 22,000 fewer tons of carbon dioxide per year, and lowers the annual distance traveled by 28.5 million miles.