Fact Snacks!


Ancient Egypt was repeatedly attacked by a mysterious army of massive warships. The raiders suddenly showed up around 1250 BCE and continued attacking until they were defeated by Ramesses III. No record of them exists past 1178 BCE, and scholars continue to debate theories about where they went, where they came from, and who they were- so everyone just calls them the Sea Peoples. (, , )
After the Battle of Shiloh in 1862, many Civil War soldiers’ lives were saved by a phenomenon called ‘Angel’s Glow.’ The soldiers, who lay in the mud for two rainy days, had wounds that began to glow in the dark and heal unusually fast. In 2001, 2 teens won an international science fair by discovering the soldiers had been so cold that their bodies created the perfect conditions for growing a bioluminescent bacteria, which ultimately destroyed the bad bacteria that could’ve killed them.  (, , )