There’s a London company that’s hiring an emoji translator. Only a human can truly grasp all the subtle differences of the tiny images…

Because of stuff like this: 

Waving hand – You might think this emoji is waving hello or goodbye, but in China it means “bye, you’re not my friend any more,” like a middle finger in Europe.

Poo – In Japan, the words for "poo” and “luck” sound similar, so it’s tradition to send your friends a funny “poo” message before an exam or job interview. Now that the symbols are global, some people use the poo because it’s adorable, while others use it to indicate something is crap.

Red heart – French speakers use more heart emojis than any other language group, bumping even smiley faces off the top spot.

Dancing women – These were originally

Playboy bunnies, but they have evolved to mean having fun with friends.

Tears of joy – The most commonly used emoji on the planet, this was the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year for 2015. What it means depends on your perspective: It could be a person laughing so much they’re crying. It could be self-deprecating – you’re laughing at yourself for being an idiot. Or it could be a way of laughing at someone else’s expense.