When developers offered to buy 84-year- old Edith Macefield’s property so they could build a shopping mall, she refused- even when offered $1 million- and they were forced to build around her. She later formed an unlikely friendship with the construction chief, left her house to him when she died, and became such a folk hero that locals get tattoos of her house as a reminder to ‘hold on to things that are important to you.’ Source Source 2 Source 3

When asked why she wouldn’t sell, she said:

“Where would I go? I don’t have any family and this is my home. My mother died here, on this very couch…” 

“I came back to America from England to take care of her. She made me promise I would let her die at home and not in some facility, and I kept that promise…” 

“And this is where I want to die. Right in my own home. On this couch.”