The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. has pretty much reached the status of an American Saint at this point:

But it wasn’t always this way.

Heck, Super Bowl  XXVII was moved from Arizona to Pasadena in the early 90s, because the Arizona chose not to officially recognize MLK Jr. Day.

And until 2000 employees of South Carolina had to choose MLK Day from a list of four holidays where ALL THREE of the other choices were CONFEDERATE Holidays.

So it should come as little or no surprise that back in 1963, there were significant forces within the US government that were in direct opposition to King and his policies.

And a good deal of that came from FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover’s personal dislike for Dr. King.

That’s not speculation. Hoover’s personal distaste for King gets it’s own section in the official US investigation of his assassination.

It might come as a surprise to some, but probably not most, that the FBI once labeled him in a memo as the “most dangerous and effective Negro leader in the country,” and aimed to find ways to ” [neutralize] King as an effective Negro leader.”

And even though many of us are now aware of the government’s role in opposing King, it might surprise a good deal of us to know that the FBI sent King an anonymous letter essentially suggesting that he kill himself:

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The National Archives has the letter, which was first revealed in a redacted form after it was discovered in the work files of William C. Sullivan, then deputy director, and later Director of the FBI:

Photo Credit: Public Domain

So we already had a pretty good idea of what it said, but now we know what the letter says in its entirety, and it’s even worse:

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Here’s a full transcript of the letter :


In view of your low grade, abnormal personal behavior I will not dignify your name with either a Mr. or a Reverend or a Dr. And, your last name calls to mind only the type of King such as King Henry the VIII and his countless acts of adultery and immoral conduct lower than that of a beast.

King, look into your heart. You know you are a complete fraud and a great liability to all of us Negroes. White people in this country have enough frauds of their own but I am sure they don’t have one at this time that is anywhere near your equal. You are no clergyman and you know it. I repeat you are a colossal fraud and an evil, vicious one at that. You could not believe in God and act as you do. Clearly you don’t believe in any personal moral principles.

King, like all frauds your end is approaching. You could have been our greatest leader. You, even at an early age have turned out to be not a leader but a dissolute, abnormal moral imbecile. We will now have to depend on our older leaders like Wilkins a man of character and thank God we have others like him. But you are done. Your “honorary” degrees, your Nobel Prize (what a grim farce) and other awards will not save you. King, I repeat you are done.

No person can overcome facts, not even a fraud like yourself. Lend your sexually psychotic ear to the enclosure. You will find yourself and in all your dirt, filth, evil and moronic talk exposed on the record for all time. I repeat — no person can argue successfully against facts. You are finished. You will find on the record for all time your filthy, dirty, evil companions, male and females giving expression with you to your [hideous] abnormalities. And some of them to pretend to be ministers of the Gospel. Satan could not do more. What incredible evilness. It is all there on the record, your sexual orgies. Listen to yourself you filthy, abnormal animal. You are on the record. You have been on the record — all your adulterous acts, your sexual orgies extending far into the past. This one is but a tiny sample. You will understand this. Yes, from your various evil playmates on the east coast to [redacted] and others on the west coast and outside the country you are on the record. King you are done.

The American public, the church organizations that have been helping — Protestant, Catholic and Jews will know you for what you are — an evil, abnormal beast. So will others who have backed you. You are done.

King, there is only one thing left for you to do. You know what it is. You have just 34 days in which to do (this exact number has been selected for a specific reason, it has definite practical significant. You are done. There is but one way out for you. You better take it before your filthy, abnormal fraudulent self is bared to the nation.

The wiretaps mentioned in the letter still exist but have been sealed from the public until 2027, though it’s possible that much of the evidence from the FBI’s COINTELPRO projects has since been destroyed.

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