If you’ve ever watched any cable news (we’re all guilty, I know, or we fall asleep in front of the television, roll over on the remote, and are too lazy to change the channel at first), you’ve seen Suze Orman spout financial advice (and the occasional catchphrase) to hapless viewers.

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If you have any kind of taste in comedy whatsoever, you’ve seen John Belushi on Saturday Night Live or starring in The Blues Brothers or Animal House (among other hilarious moments).

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These two are about as unlikely as bedfellows come, right?

Which is why this might be my favorite odd celebrity connection of all time, y’all.

It turns out that Suze was roommates with Belushi’s girlfriend (and by proxy, Belushi) during their tenure at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Ol Suze liked giving advice way back then, often asking roommate Judith Pisano what she saw in Belushi and expressing doubts about his ability to make a living as an actor.

Which is to say, they weren’t exactly fond of one another – a fact that I doubt had very little impact on Belushi’s life or behavior.

But once, when Belushi was arrested over unpaid parking tickets and he and girlfriend Judith couldn’t raise the $25 bail, he was forced to ask Orman for help. She asked her father, who bailed Belushi out in exchange for some tickets to the actor’s improv group performance.

I mean, I doubt her dad wanted the tickets, but that apparently counted for money at the time, as far as Belushi was concerned. Most of us have been there.

Also, this is the best mugshot I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Not his real mugshot
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Anyway, after Belushi hit it big, Orman had a bit of a change of heart. That, or maybe it was just the natural process of college memories getting a little rosier-colored once we’re looking back on them. Either way, when speaking of him after his death, she described their time living together as “quite the adventure.”

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I’m sure it was.

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