I’m genuinely glad that I didn’t grow up in a world with cell phones and social media, but I’m also very thankful that I can text family and friends now (and potentially never have to speak to another person for the rest of my life). We all take texting for granted now, but a software developer changed our lives in a huge way on December 3, 1992. That’s the date the first text was sent.

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The man we can all thank is Neil Papworth.

He was only 22 years old in 1992 when he sent “Merry Christmas” via text message to a colleague named Richard Jarvis at Vodafone in England. Papworth sent the message from a computer and Jarvis received it on an Orbitel 901.

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Twitter users reacted to the 25th anniversary.

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Thank you Neil! Now it’s time to go back to staring at my phone for the rest of the day…

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