Stories continue to pour out of Las Vegas about the heroic acts of people who selflessly helped each other during Sunday night’s terrible tragedy. One amazing story centered around 29-year-old Taylor Winston. The former Marine “commandeered” a truck with keys left inside and transported over two dozen victims to the hospital during the shooting rampage.

It’s not clear how many of the victims survived, but one thing is certain: Taylor Winston is a hero, and he wouldn’t have been able to do it without that vehicle. Three days after the tragedy, Winston finally heard from the owner of the truck that he had stolen. Obviously, the truck owner was not angry and recognized that Winston had jumped into action to help save lives.

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Many people online have admitted they wouldn’t have minded at all if Mr. Winston had taken their truck without permission due to his incredible heroism.

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Great work, Taylor – you are absolutely a hero! And I’m sure that as the days go by, we’ll hear more stories about other heroes from Las Vegas.

h/t: Bored Panda