You Can Fry a Turkey Without Oil? Amazon Daily Deals

The truth is out there, and you can own it all.

You an X-Files fan?

Well, Amazon has the full collection of all nine seasons on Blu-ray, along with The Event to boot.

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This thing is also jam-packed with extras: It’s got commentaries, deleted scenes, gag-reels, character profiles, peeks behind the scenes, and interviews with the cast and crew.

The X-Files: Complete Series Collector’s Set + The Event Bundle [Blu-ray] – $119.99

Get your color on!

Are you looking for a solid set of colored pencils that won’t break the bank?

How about a set of 24 that gets great reviews, blend well (due to the soft core), and are currently 61% off their original price?

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There are certainly better pencils out there, and there are definitely cheaper pencils out there. But it is not easy to find this quality, at this price.

Exemplar 2.0 Set of 24 Art Pencils by Colorolio – $12.87 (Save 61%)

Fry that turkey without any oil.

Apparently, you can fry a turkey without oil, using infrared technology.

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If frying a turkey while minimizing the chances of burning your house down is something that appeals to you, Amazon can save you 25% on Char-Broil’s oil-less fryer bundle:

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You’re saving money, and you’re getting both the kabob and the turkey racks.

Though you have to cook the turkey longer this way, it actually winds up saving you time: With the oil-less fryer, you don’t have to heat the oil up or wait for it to cool down, easily an extra hour each way. Nor do you have to figure out what to do with said oil.

That’s a win-win.

Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-Less Turkey Fryer Bundle with 2 Leg Racks and Kabob Set – $85.77 (Save 25%)

Stay ice-cold for 24 hours.

Everybody’s using these double-walled tumblers, and you can save 29% on this sweet RTIC tumbler today.

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You don’t need to spend $40 on one of these things.

With a 29% discount, this one comes in at about $12, and it’s the #1 best seller in kitchen & dining on Amazon. Almost 8,000 reviews, and 89% of them are 4 or 5-star.

RTIC 30 oz. Tumbler – 11.99 (Save 29%)

Take us with you. Give us away.

We have a book, and it’s the perfect gift!

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Who wouldn’t love the gift of hundreds of quirky facts?

Nobody. That’s who.

Get one for the bathroom, one for the coffee table, and two for the car.

Did You Know?: A collection of the most interesting facts, stories and trivia…ever! (Volume 1) – $14.99