When teenager Mason Barclay heard that one of his best friends was having a sleepover, of course he wanted an invitation. I mean, what kid doesn’t want to spend an entire evening, night, and morning (hopefully with donuts) with a group of friends?

The difference in this case was that Mason was gay, and the friends were a group of girls. The mother of the girl having the party had (reasonably) requested her daughter only invite other girls to spend the night.

Mason (like a good teenager) was not about to be dissuaded by mere rules – or at least, he wasn’t going to give up without asking his best friend’s mom for an exception.

You can check out the text exchange below, and you definitely want to, because the mom’s response was absolutely epic.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Mom goals, but also, you know. Human goals.

Good on you, Mason. Good on you.

h/t: APlus

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