Get Back in the Swing with These Amazon Deals of the Day

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Now the holidays are over, it’s time to snag a little something for yourself.

Check out these Deals of the Day from Amazon.

#1. Chop up some herbs

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Herb scissors are great for trimming the tops off a stalk of cilantro or green onions.

They’re also the perfect way to chop herbs without over-doing it and getting the gross chlorophyll smell that kills all the nice flavor.

Buy it now on Amazon:

Besiva Herb Scissors Stainless Steel,Multipurpose Kitchen Shear with 5 Blades with Cleaning Brush (Onion green) – $9.99 (Save 67%)

#2. Get your accordion on

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Woodstock builds killer entry-level instruments. In fact, their small size and high quality have led many musicians who bought them for their kids to actually bring them into the studio.

This simple accordion is no different. It puts out great sound, and it’s inexpensive enough that it won’t break your heart when your kid stops playing it after a month.

Buy it now on Amazon:

Woodstock Music Collection, Kid’s Accordion – $21.68

#3. Rock out with this Schecter guitar

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If the accordion isn’t quite doing it for you, maybe saving half on a high-quality, entry-level guitar will.

This isn’t some crappy, no-name guitar. Schecter’s roster of talent includes Disturbed, Prince, STP, The Cure, and many more.

It’s a real-deal shredder, and, at under $100, it’s an absolute steal.

Buy it now on Amazon:

C-1 SGR by Schecter Beginner Electric Guitar – (Amazon Exclusive) – $99.99 (Save 50%)

#4. Save on adidas gym equipment

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Wanna save $75 on a free-weight bench?

Look no further.

Buy it now on Amazon:

adidas Sport Standard Bench – $74.76 (Save 43%)

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#5. Need some fast memory?

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This 64GB card will record in full HD, and it’s a great way to extend the performance of your smartphone, tablet, or camera.

Buy it now on Amazon:

Transcend 64GB MicroSDXC Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card with Adapter up to 60MB/s – $19.99 (Save 7%)

#6. A whole book of Fact-Snacks

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If you need a non-digital version of our website, Tumblr, and Facebook pages – and of course you do – this is it.

Snag hundreds of our best facts, like:

  • Your pupils dilate when you’re looking at someone you love.
  • Octopuses are older than dinosaurs.
  • Caffeine withdrawal is officially a mental disorder.
  • The only breed of dog to be mentioned by name in the Bible is the greyhound.
  • Your heart is so powerful that it can squirt blood 30 feet across the room.
  • Dr. Seuss’s first book was rejected 27 times.

Buy it now on Amazon:

Did You Know?: A collection of the most interesting facts, stories and trivia…ever! (Volume 1) Paperback – $13.49

Did You Know?: A collection of the most interesting facts, stories and trivia…ever! Kindle Edition – $9.99