It’s the rarest pasta in the world.

What does that mean, you ask?

For over 200 years, the only way you could get some was to travel 20 miles by foot or horse through the backcountry of Italy to a feast that’s held only twice a year.

What am I talking about?

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There are three ingredients: semolina wheat, water, and salt.

There are also only three women on the island who still make it (in the whole world, really), and they’re all related.

Others have tried, including Jamie Oliver, but most of them fail.

It’s a tough process that requires you to knead the everloving crap out of the dough before the delicate layering of the “wool” can begin.

That stretching is all done by hand.

After they layer all those strands over each other, the pasta dries and breaks into something that looks kind of like tree bark.

Wanna see how it’s made and how they use it to make a soup I’m angry that I can’t figure out how to eat through the screen?

Check out this video from Pasta Grannies:

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