Have you ever actually tried counting sheep to fall asleep?

It’s pretty lame, yet not quite lame enough to successfully put you under.

Besides, counting imaginary sheep is so 20th century.

Why not count real sheep from all over the world?

Photo Credit: did you know?

Counting sheep real, imaginary, or otherwise just not your bag?

What about hunting sheep?

You can also submit your own grabs from Google Street View and contribute to the collection.

To help you get to sleep, let’s take a look at some sheepies you can count.

Here’s a gang of somewhat hidden sheep in Grytøya, Norway:

Fas Boue, Senegal:

You might as well count these ones in Aldeanueva de San Bartolomé, Spain:

Photo Credit: Google Sheep View

You could just try to say “Taddington, Derbyshire, UK” 5 times fast, instead of counting sheep to get to sleep…

This beauty of a view, with no less than 9 sheep to boot, was spotted in Hay Bluff, Wales:

And you know there’s gonna be some sheep in Scotland:

Photo Credit: Google Sheep View

America, too.

These are in Vermont. You’ve gotta squint a little, but there’s a ton of sheep in there:

Happy Counting…

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