I definitely didn’t realize how “official” homeowner’s associations were, and how much legal power they wielded, until I lived subject to one and thought I’d buy a backyard shed.

The drama, y’all.

So while their rules can seem capricious, overly controlling, or even arbitrary, you have to think twice before you actually go breaking them – a fact this guy might be finding out in the near future, member or not.

Though he doesn’t technically belong to the HOA (he’s exempt through his real estate contract) there is an active HOA in the neighborhood – which his neighbors are a part of.

Neighbors in a Home Owners Association have issues that I don’t follow the HOA rules…

So the neighbors called me an a**hole today…

I bought a house 5 years ago that a real estate company built on speculation. Mine was the first house in a planned subdivision that they were going to build one house at a time or as people bought the individual tracks of land.

The area kind of hit a boom period and the other surrounding houses went up quick. In my contract to purchase my home their was no home owners association and because I was here first I don’t have to join any if the other neighbors decide to create. I’m grandfathered in is what it says in my contract.

He breaks lots of rules, apparently, but like…he can. I guess.

They all seem to forget this though and continually try to give me HOA fines for breaking the rules of the HOA. This has ranged from days I have things delivered to my home (Amazon deliveries on Sundays), to when I cut my grass to me having vehicles parked in my yard and they aren’t happy I own an extra tract of land because I bought 2 to have a bigger yard so I could build a shooting range (I live in the south this is not that uncommon) .

The most recent complaint was about a woodpile he keeps out in front (?) of his house that he claims is “not a disheveled mess.”

The recent event though that led to them calling me an a**hole is they came over to ask me to remove the eyesore in front of my garage. Now my home faces the road not anyone else’s house so they do t stare at my garage but apparently they still don’t like it.

I run a small hobby business of doing woodworking projects and I have a shelf outside my garage door full of various pieces of treated lumber that I may use one day. It’s not the neatest and cleanest area but it’s not a disheveled mess either.

He agreed to see to their complaint if they would stop bugging him about everything else, but they doubled down and said he needed to clean up all of his misdeeds or face the consequences.

So I told them if they lightened up and just left me alone about all the other stuff. I’d consider moving my wood pile if it bothered them so much. They proceeded to tell me that I needed to address all the HOA issues and take care of the wood pile. Along with stopping any deliveries on Sundays and getting my other truck out of my yard.

They handed me what basically amounts to a ticket and I trashed it and told them to get the F off my property. They called me an A**hole for my unreasonable behavior and told me they’d be back

Is he wrong? Can they legally get him?

Reddit is weighing in below!

Plenty of people suggested he seek legal advice, just to make sure everything his realtor told him still holds water.

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Because yeah, it seems as if things might be getting out of hand.

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He might be a pain in the butt, but he’s not in the wrong.

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Definitely don’t do anything they say. Ha!

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Turn this into some malicious compliance!

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As a homeowner, I tend to think that this guy probably has a fairly trashy bit of property, but that doesn’t mean he’s legally doing anything wrong.

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