Guy Makes Millions Flipping Cheap Walmart Items on Amazon

©Flickr,Mike Mozart

28-year-old Ryan Grant of Minneapolis is smarter than the rest of us. Actually, he’s smarter than all of us combined.

The former accountant realized he wasn’t on a career path he cared for, so he started looking into other options and focused his sights on Walmart.

Photo Credit: Flickr, Mike Mozart

Grant buys up all kinds of items from Walmart’s discount aisles and flips them on Amazon. It probably doesn’t sound like a lucrative operation, but Grant claims his business is set to make a whopping $8 million this year.

Seriously. He said all of that money will go right back into his operation and his salary is set at $60,000 for now.

Photo Credit: Flickr, Random Retail

The entrepreneur simply walks through Walmart’s discount aisles with his smartphone and compares product prices with Amazon to determine if he’ll buy items in bulk. Grant is going through so much product volume, buying and reselling, that he needs to rent out a warehouse to have enough space for the operation.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

He started this kind of buying and selling with textbooks in college, and he quit his accounting job after he perfected his method and realized he could make a living at it. Dammit, why didn’t I think of this?

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