This is why you should never, ever let your smartass older brother take your engagement photos. At least, you shouldn’t if you want them to be serious.

Advice that doesn’t always get followed.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Take Jesse McLaren’s sister, for instance. She asked him to be in charge of her engagements photos. McLaren is a former writer for Stephen Colbert, so you know he has a few funny bones in his body. Turns out, big brother just couldn’t resist cracking wise with his sister’s big day…

Photo Credit: Twitter, McJesse

That’s right, McLaren decided to photoshop Pennywise, the creepy clown from It, into every photo, just to show his lil’ sis who’s the boss. Take a look below.

Photo Credit: Twitter, McJesse

Photo Credit: Twitter, McJesse

Photo Credit: Twitter, McJesse

This one might be my favorite.

Photo Credit: Twitter, McJesse

It did not take long for McLaren’s sister to notice Pennywise lurking in the background, and she got in touch with her brother:

Twitter users, as always, had to weigh in on the situation.

Photo Credit: Twitter, hannibaltabu

And, for some reason, a bunch of people decided to pile on the groom-to-be because of his clothing choice.

Photo Credit: Twitter, ejayeff

Photo Credit: Twitter, HelenKennedy

Poor guy, had his engagement photos ruined and his confidence shattered.

h/t: Pizza Bottle