It is one of time’s oldest and most perplexing quandaries. A mystery that has puzzled man and woman since the beginning of time…why the hell can’t someone invent ice cream that doesn’t melt when it’s hot outside?

Photo Credit: Flickr, weegeebored

Well, our universe just got a lot more bearable (on one level, at least) because scientists at a research center in Japan think they have discovered a way to make un-meltable ice cream! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, these brainiacs may have just given us all a reason to live.

Photo Credit: Twitter, kanazawaice

When workers at the Biotherapy Development Research Centre asked a pastry chef to use polyphenol, a liquid extracted from strawberries, to make a dessert, the chef noticed that the dairy cream he used instantly solidified when the polyphenol was added to it. The researchers had just hit the jackpot. A professor named Tomihisa Ota used the new findings to make and sell popsicles that take A LOOOONG time to melt, or just don’t melt at all.

Photo Credit: Twitter, meeeeei_htn

Ota explained, “Polyphenol liquid has properties to make it difficult for water and oil to separate, so a popsicle containing it will be able to retain the original shape of the cream for a longer time than usual, and [will] be hard to melt.”

The popsicles are currently flooding the Japanese consumer market. No word yet on when these babies will make the trip overseas to the US, but let’s keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

Photo Credit: Pixabay

h/t: Mashable