Hearing what your own voice actually sounds like is a truly traumatic experience. I remember hearing mine for the first time as a wee lad on a friend’s answering machine. My reaction was probably the same as most people: “Who was that?!?! That’s what my voice sounds like?!? Why hasn’t anyone ever told me I sound like this!?” I’m still not over it.

So why does our voice sound one way to us and another to the rest of the world? A vocal coach named Chris Beatty lays it all out in the video at the end of this article. Beatty explains, “We get a preview of sound that comes up the side of the face, right into the ears. In addition to that, we get some inner vibration in the ear and the head, and we judge that as being our sound, but it really isn’t.”

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Beatty has a unique method for discovering what your true voice sounds like. Watch the video below to learn Beatty’s trick, and if you’re really brave, give it a shot yourself to find out how you actually sound to those around you.

h/t: Mental Floss