For you, it’s October – the time of Halloween, pumpkin spice…everything, leaves, and crisp autumn weather. But for thousands of artists, it’s Inktober – a month where they draw inspiration (literally) by creating something for each of the 31 days.

This year, artist Shawn Coss had the idea to illustrate what different mental illnesses and disorders would look like if the people experiencing them could put their emotions and experiences down on paper. The images are stark, disturbing, and beautiful in their frank display of humanity, with all of its triumphs and struggles.

With the recent national focus on mental health awareness, prevention, and better access to treatment, these drawings are perfectly timed, and could help us all be more understanding and empathetic about the battles people are fighting all around us.

Here’s your trigger warning: if you’ve suffered or are suffering, some of these images might be too much to handle.

#18. Dependent Personality Disorder


#17. Anorexia Nervosa


#16. Cotard’s Delusion


 #15. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


 #14. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


 #13. Depersonalization Disorder