Is She Wrong for Calling the Police on Her Boyfriend’s Family? People Responded.

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AITA for calling the police on my boyfriend’s family?

“Last year I moved in with my bf and his dad. My bf and I were in a long distance relationship for a few years and I moved across the country to be with him after I finished graduate school.

Due to such a large distance I opted to sell my car and buy a new one after moving. When I did this my boyfriend helped me out by loaning me some money to help pay the down payment but I have since payed him back.

Last week my bfs older sister who lives in another state came to visit and stayed in the house with us. This was my first time meeting her and I thought she was very nice, but I didn’t get to know her well.

Two days ago my bf and I were out running errands together and his sister called him to ask when he would be back so she could borrow his car to go hangout with her friends in a town about an hour away.

He told her it would be a while and she then asked if it was okay to borrow my car. My boyfriend asked me and I told him I was not comfortable with that and to tell her no. My boyfriend did tell her no, I heard the entire conversation.

Well a few hours later my boyfriend and I got home and my car was gone. I was shocked and my boyfriend was confused. When we went into the house his dad informed us that he gave my bfs sister the spare key to my car that was in the lockbox because she said she needed to go somewhere.

My boyfriend told him that she asked to drive my car and that we had told her no so he didn’t understand why she was allowed to take it and his dad said that since my bf helped pay for the car that it therefore was partly his, which meant his sister had the right to drive it as well. I was absolutely livid and I couldn’t believe that anyone would do something like this. My name is the only one on the title, insurance, etc. as I am the SOLE owner.

My bf told his dad to call her and tell her to bring my car back immediately and she said she would “be home soon.” Well after two hours I called the police and reported my car stolen because I was worried that if it got damaged or something then I would be forced to pay the repairs even though it wasn’t my fault.

My bf’s dad and sister were p**sed about this and they accused me of trying to get them arrested. They are now demanding that I apologize to them and tell the police it was all a misunderstanding but I really don’t want to because I feel that they’ve tried to take advantage of me. My boyfriend agrees with me but he even said he thinks calling the police to report the car stolen may have been too far.


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