Animals that look like they’re doing human things are almost always a sure-fire hit on the interwebs.

Sometimes, they don’t even really have to be doing anything.

I mean there’s the cat playing the piano thing, but you could just set a cat on a piano, and it would arguably be just as cute (and definitely just as contrived):

Photo Credit: Pixabay/CC0

If you really want to kick it up a notch or three, you need to catch animals doing human stuff out in the wild, like a monkey riding a deer:

To me, a monkey riding a deer is way cooler than any cat playing a piano or dog riding a skateboard.

Nobody trained them to do it. It’s organic, but it seems so unnatural.

According to French primatologists Cédric Sueur and Marie Pelé, who studied Japanese macaques for almost a year, the deer are getting something in return, though, which might help cement the idea that this really is a thing that happens.

The sika deer eat the seeds that the monkeys drop – as well as their poop. In another trade-off, the monkeys also groom the deer while they’re up there, so they eat the annoying bugs that the deer can’t get rid of themselves.

Yet, in all of this bug and poop eating, the monkeys still wash the potatoes they find nearby before eating them:

As the research continued, the scientists observed something even more unexpected: an interspecies pair appearing to exchange sexual favors.

Friends, there’s riding a sika deer.

Then there’s riding a sika deer:

And, since nobody wants to end an article with a video of a monkey humping a deer, here’s some footage of a squirrel monkey riding a capybara, because Japan is the gift that keeps on giving:

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