Japan is an incredibly unique place with a beautiful culture and some of the nicest people on the planet.

Photographer Shin Noguchi documents the everyday beauty and quirks of his native country with his camera and an eye for finding significance in what some people would think is mundane.

Noguchi said about his work, “Street photography always projects the ‘truth.’ The ‘truth’ that I talk about isn’t necessarily that I can see, but they also exist in society, in street, in people’s life. And I always try to capture this reality beyond my own values and viewpoint/perspective.”

1. Let it burn

2. Man’s best friend

3. Balancing act

4. In the fields

5. Downtown

6. Let’s play a game

7. Mashup

8. Dreams

9. Two things at once

10. Traditional

11. Sewer rats

12. Tracks in the snow

13. Under the cherry blossoms

14. I see you

15. A nice lens flare

16. Garb

17. Trying to escape

18. Two happy friends

19. Contrast

20. Snowy day

Great snapshots of everyday life!