It’s time for some more hashtag fun! Honestly, Jimmy Fallon and his hashtag game are pretty much the only reason I still enjoy logging into Twitter on a regular basis. It reminds me of what made the social media platform so fun to begin with – it was a place where a bunch of sarcastic people could come together and make fun of something or someone together.

Twitter still has its moments, and one of them is when Fallon asks users to tweet using a certain hashtag. This week? #worstadvice – heard, gotten, given. Enjoy!


#15. It might creep them out, but I doubt they’ll stop. Because bullies hate weird.

#14. I suppose you’ve got to know your audience. Fair point.

#13. You spelled “cancer” wrong.

#12. I wish I was surprised that someone actually said this.

#11. So much terrible dating advice out there.


#10. Female version! #hesjustnotthatintoyou

#9. I’m thinking this might have resulted in a trip to the ER. Or at least HR.

#8. Oh, frat boys. #collegenostalgia

#7. It all depends on what they meant by “some.”

#6. Pretty sure this is something people with zero free time say to make themselves feel better.