Some of Fallon’s hashtag games have been great, and some have been…well…less entertaining. But this one! Y’all, #MyTeacherIsWeird contains some serious brilliance. You can check them all out and choose your own favorites (or watch the video of Jimmy’s at the bottom of the post), but I’ve gone ahead and put together my own personal top 15:

#15. Teachers get paid so little, he has to get SOME perks. Give the man his worms!

#14. 99% sure everyone had this biology teacher.

#13. But I mean, really, is that weird? #nope

#12. I question what sort of “science” this man was teaching. #judgy

#11. I mean, that’s just called thinking on your feet.

#10. That was probably not state approved…

#9. I like her style (come on, you know it had to be a her).