We all know this song. It’s constantly playing on some radio station during the entire month of October, then, after Halloween, it vanishes until next fall and only to magically reappear once more.

Bobby Pickett’s 1962 hit song ‘Monster Mash’ is just one of those background tunes no one ever gave a whole lot of thought to…until now. Because some know-it-all on Twitter named Lawrence Mills decided he had to throw a wrench into the whole system and disrupt the flow of the universe in one tweet.

That’s right, Mr. Miles pointed out that we don’t actually know what the true ‘Monster Mash’ sounds like.

He has a point, but why did he have to go and ruin mine and everyone else’s Halloween? JUST ENJOY THE SONG. Others agreed with me.

Photo Credit: Twitter, jessakent

Photo Credit: Twitter, MynxieMonroe

I honestly don’t know where we go from here…maybe we should just cancel Halloween?

h/t: Buzzfeed