Ah, the female orgasm. Ignored for centuries, then relegated to myth or legend for a few more. Is it any wonder that it remains a mystery for so many? Statistics on the subject are pretty disheartening: 80% of women fake it at least half of the time, only 57% of women climax consistently with their partner, and 10-15% of woman never make it all the way there. Never, you guys.

But maybe it’s just a lack of information and education?

I know, I know. I’m being generous here, but I’m in a good mood. So let’s forge ahead with a little education and debunk these 4 common myths about the female orgasm.

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#4. Penetration is a must.

I feel like this should be obvious – after all, we know men can climax without penetration – but apparently it needs to be said. Penetration might be the way to go for dudes, but nearly half of women need (the right kind of) clitoral stimulation to get past the goal line.

#3. That an orgasm is the only goal of sex.

Although the orgasm is the endgame, it shouldn’t be the only thing we think about. Evolutionarily speaking the female orgasm is not required for fertility, and we know now that it can be more difficult to achieve. So shouldn’t we transcend our narrow-minded focus on the orgasm and put more effort on the enjoyment and pleasure of the holistic experience? And just maybe (really we have no idea), if you’re actually enjoying the act, you might not be so quick to fake it next time.

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According to sex education site Go Ask Alice, “instead of thinking of the vagina and clitoris as separate entities, try thinking about them as a network of nerves and muscles.”

Basically, educate yo-self.

#2. That there are two types of orgasms.

Because women can reach orgasm through clitoral and/or vaginal stimulation, some people assume there are two types of orgasm. Although they are different sensations, orgasms only come from one place – so again, it seems like an issue of misunderstood anatomy.

#1. Female orgasms are harder to achieve than male ones.

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Based on the percentages we talked about at the outset of the article and the fact that men pretty much never have any trouble finishing, it seems as if this must be true. But, the fact that lesbians report a higher than 75% orgasm rate seems to counter that thought. So, maybe it’s not so much the orgasm that’s elusive, but the knowledge needed to produce one.

It might be time for all you fellas out there to hit the library stacks!

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