Roland Warzecha, an expert in medieval fencing, demonstrates in the video below the idea that people in the Middle Ages didn’t walk the same way we do today. Instead of putting the heel of their foot down and then transferring weight to the front of the foot, people used to put their toe down first.

Photo Credit: Egoli Tossell Film

This has, according to him, a number of practical functions: it allows you to easily check for hazards, it improves posture, it tones the muscles of you calf and foot, and it’s also much quieter. Good for walking around in the woods without scaring whatever you’re hunting.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

He was interested in this information insofar as it affects the way he correctly practices and teaches historical fencing, but I have to admit that after I watched this video…I kind of want to try it, too.

With or without a sword.

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