Nerdwax Will Keep Your Glasses on Your Face Like a Boss

Are you nerd? Or just somebody with bad vision? You’re probably both, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading an article about glasses.

Enter Nerdwax. It’s a $10 tube of wax that will keep your glasses from slipping off that beautiful, sexy face of yours.


Photo Credit: Nerdwax.com

You just apply it to the bridge of your nose or the pads on your glasses, and viola! No more slippage.

Here’s a video explaining why this is actually pretty important.

Is it good for your skin? According to their website, Nerdwax is a “beeswax based blend of all natural and certified organic ingredients.” So yes.

Was this the stuff featured on that episode of Shark Tank? Yes.

Can you buy it right now on Amazon? YES! And for just $10 (+shipping).

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