We are living in strange times, friends. As if the world didn’t already seem a little off-kilter, this holiday season we are witnessing something truly weird…

Now we have to deal with upside down Christmas trees. It’s sort of like we all unknowingly ended up in an episode of Stranger Things.

Now Target has jumped on the bandwagon and is selling an upside-down tree…for about $1,000. Hmmm…..

Photo Credit: Twitter, schaferwafer

People on Twitter are sharing their thoughts on the matter.

Photo Credit: Twitter, itsemilyhill

Photo Credit: Twitter, AuntMo9

Photo Credit: Twitter, kristawelz

I personally think it’s a little weird, but hey, to each their own. You wanna drop a grand on an upside-down tree, more power to ya.

h/t: Pizza Bottle