Next time you settle into your booth at Denny’s and prepare to order a Moons Over My Hammy, take a closer look at the menu. Folks are in a bit of an uproar over the new Denny’s menu mascot because it really doesn’t look too appetizing. See for yourself…

Photo Credit: Facebook, Sam Karoll

I’m thinking the advertising staff at Denny’s were probably trying to go for a delicious sausage, but, to be frank, it looks like a piece of crap (pun absolutely intended).

Photo Credit: Twitter, ArmyStrang

They really shat the bed here. I thought the idea of marketing was to make people WANT to buy your product? Predictably, people on Twitter weighed in with their thoughts on this very important matter.


Photo Credit: Twitter, brx0


And, of course, some wise guy needed to make his own version of the ill-fated mascot.

C’mon Denny’s, get your shit together…

h/t: Mashable