Does Japan know how to do stuff, or what? They have delicious food, great movies, they’re stylish, and the people are really nice to each other! What a concept! They’re also going full-speed ahead with something that has desperately been missing from our lives: furniture for cats.

A craft collective called Okawa Kagu has launched a furniture line just for our feline friends, and the products are made with care so we can spoil the kitties in our lives.

Photo Credit: Facebook, Terrafemina

Okawa Kagu is located in Japan’s Fukuoka prefecture (like a province, or a state), and their goal with the project is to reinvigorate the once-prosperous craft industry there. Fukuoka is home to over 150 furniture factories, and the folks behind this campaign believe the cat furniture will draw attention to the artisanship of the workers.

The furnishings are smaller versions of human-size furniture, and they will be exhibited to the public soon. No word on prices yet, but you can get in touch with Okawa Kagu here if you want to see what’s up.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

As if cats aren’t spoiled enough already…

h/t: Bored Panda