Dubai is a cutting-edge city – at first glimpse it appears to be straight out of a futuristic sci-fi film.

Photo Credit: Flickr, Michael Theis

Well, now the city is living up to its image as being on the forefront of new technology. Dubai’s police force has a new high-tech toy: hoverbikes that can cruise through the air above congested city streets and allow authorities to quickly reach emergencies.

The Dubai police revealed the craft, called the Hoversurf Scorpion, to the world at the Gitex Technology Week conference. The hoverbikes are capable of carrying 600 pounds, can travel up to 43 mph, and can run for 25 minutes after they are charged. They can also fly by themselves for 4 miles if needed.

Dubai has seen the use of other futuristic gadgets in recent years, including jetpacks to fight fires and self-flying taxis. Hopefully, this technology will make its way overseas so we can see flying police officers in American cities sooner than later. Take a test drive in the video below. Wow!

h/t: Mashable