It turns out that sitting on a bench in your own neighborhood isn’t as peaceful as it used to be. At least that’s what Jana’e Brown learned recently.

The African American woman encountered Svitlana Flom in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and let’s just say the interaction didn’t go well.

Brown posted a video on Instagram of the incident between her and the co-owner of Maison Vivienne, a high-end restaurant in the Hamptons.

In the video, Flom can be seen calling the police on the healthcare worker. The New York socialite accused Brown of smoking marijuana and proceeded to call 911 multiple times.

Incredibly, Flom told police over the phone that Brown was “playing the Black card.”

That wasn’t even the worst part. On her third 911 call, Flom reported Brown for “threatening her and her children.” That couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Flom then claimed to be pregnant and shaking with fear. Yet, a man who supposedly is her husband can be seen walking away from her in the video.

That certainly caught Brown’s attention, who commented that the husband never even approached his wife to see if she was okay.

Stunningly, Flom then asked Brown if she would walk with her to the officers. Of course, Brown had no intention of following.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Police eventually arrived at the dramatic scene. And when they did, it’s safe to say it didn’t go quite as Flom expected.

Police didn’t arrest anyone. Brown even offered to let an officer search her.

“If you want to search me, you can.

Because I don’t have anything.

Some people think they’re more privileged because of the color of their skin or their economic status or whatever.

But that’s not how I am.”

Have you ever been in a situation where someone was falsely accusing you of a crime?

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