Well, they didn’t call him “Tricky Dick” for nothing…

You ever hear of “creating a monster?”

No, I’m not going to get political – I mean, beyond the fact that we’re talking about US President Richard Nixon.

Anyhow, it seems that after he was re-elected…

No, this is actually before all of that hit the fan.

This was, perhaps, a harbinger of bad things to come.

A sign from the Oracle…who often used bird entrails to see the future, btw…

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Yeah. Seems ol’ Tricky didn’t want his suit jacket sullied on the day-of, so the inaugural committee spent 13 grand on a bird repellant called, “Roost No More.”

The idea was that the repellant would make the pigeons’ feet itch. So they sprayed a whole bunch of it on every branch along the parade route.

Thing is, Roost No More is also toxic to birds.

And the pigeons just started eating TF out of it…which left Pennsylvania Avenue littered with dead birds.

Of course, I suppose Ulysses S. Grant’s inauguration was even worse.

Hi inaugural committee brought in 100 canaries to provide pleasant sounds, but they all froze to death (along with the food that was supposed to be serves) thanks to the 16-degree weather.

And that might bring William Henry Harrison to mind. He is, of course, the most famously short-lived of all American Presidents; he died about a month after his inauguration. Many erroneously blame his death on his catching pneumonia while speaking at his inauguration for an hour and 40 minutes without a coat on.

First off, exposure to cold doesn’t cause viral illnesses. Second, he didn’t summon a doctor until 23 days after he was sworn in.

It’s very unlikely that he would have just been allowed to lie around sick for almost a month before seeking help.

So it seems most likely that he caught pneumonia at some point during those 3 weeks after the ceremony.

So at least it wasn’t the inaugural committee’s fault.

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