If you’re a fan of camping, and you’ve never thought about doing it in Europe, you might want to reconsider.

In much of Northern Europe, you won’t be burdened with things like campsite reservations, licenses, even trespassing.

It all comes down to one word: “allemannsretten.”

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Norway, along with other countries like Scotland, Finland, and Iceland, have codified the ancient law of “everyman’s right” or “freedom to roam” into their modern laws.

So when you’re in Norway, you can pitch a tent or lay down a bed roll just about anywhere, as long as you’re at least 492 feet away from the nearest inhabited house or cabin.

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You can build a fire during the winter, you can pick most berries (except cloudberries in northern Norway) and mushrooms, and you can even catch saltwater fish without a license as long as they’re for personal use (eating).

Cultivated land is generally off limits, but fields and meadows where livestock graze are fair game during the winter.

So you can pretty much stay on any bog, forest, shoreline, or mountain year-round, no matter who owns the land.

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Of course you are expected to pick up all trash, leave no trace, and generally show respect for nature, animals, and locals.

And if you want to stay on someone’s land for more than two days, you have to get permission from the landowner.

I’d be willing to bet that anyone who’s ever tried to reserve a campsite in Colorado during the summer would welcome requirements half as lenient.

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